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20050901 Thursday September 01, 2005

2006 Honda Civic info

The folks over at vtec.net have posted a huge bunch of detailed info on the 2006 Honda Civic, including lots of photos. About the only things missing are figures for weight and performance (like 0-100 timings).

What's next will be the media reviews, and then buyers' impressions, real-world mileage, performance and other issues. My own "decision time" doesn't come till 2007 (buy new Civic Hybrid? hold on to existing non-hybrid Civic? um, post-peak bugout?!), so there's some time yet.

See also :

1. 2006 Honda Civic (17 Nov 2004)
2. 2006 Honda Civic to debut at Chicago Auto Show (19 Jan 2005)
3. 2006 Honda Civic engine specs released (7 Jul 2005)

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