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Happy New Year 2012..

Let's take a look at my 2011.. I would say that I had fulfill some of them.. some need more improvement

In 2011, I wish for personal growth,
  • I wish to develop my competency at work,
  • develop my patience with my family members and all people whom I interact with..
  • more wisdom to guide Ken and Wenn not only in academic but also in life..
  • also to grow in faith, I wish to be more active in Soka activities and thus to deepen and strengthen my faith in Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism..

ahh, I'm a perfectionist.. and I think I did this well.. and since it's my passion.. I find the time spent rewarding and fulfilling.

though I would say I screamed at Ken less during his P2 year compared to P1.. need more improvement

think I did this OK for now.. I know this will be an ongoing process.. Therefore, I wish I can grow and adapt my guidance as the kids grow older..

I completed my Kaneko Group training. Kaneko Group is a group for Women Division (WD) to meet up once per month to learn and share the spirit of Soka Women Division.. I managed to attend all the meetings.. and learned a lot.. however, the putting into practice is the difficult part.. so for this, I definitely could do better..

Summary of my 2011:

Although I did not blog about it, Ken had improved in his results. He scored 65% in his Term 3 (CA2) Maths.. I got such a shocked.. because we consistently did Maths questions.. And, because of his results, I made him worked very hard in Maths.. It was madness.. but in the end, he scored 98% for his Maths in his SA2 (final year exams).. It's something I wish that it would not be repeated.. the stress is stressful.. haiz.. And I wonder how am I going to cope with Ken and Wenn in Primary School in 2012..

But, let's start the new year with new hope.. Though it will be hard, I will work together with my children.. I will work on my attitude, my faith.. I will shower EM with more love, less grumpiness.. Many years from now, I hope my children will remember that I give my best and they should too..

Lastly, here's wishing all my dear readers.. "May 2012 be a year of possibilities."

P.S. The jetplane was drawn by Ken ^-^

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motivation.. how to motivate a student

Attended a training on motivation today.. makes me think, how effective can I be to motivate someone? E.g. with Ken.. I'm using a reward system with him.. extrinsic motivation.. he gets a sticker if he completes his assigned assessment homework with no mistakes..every 10stickers, he can get to choose a toy.. although I can see results, I'm not exactly happy with this system.. I wonder, have I chosen a lazy way? There must be better way to motivate him?

I also questioned myself, "am I a motivated person?".. I would think so.. when challenged, I will always want to prove myself.. and I'm the type who can take hardships.. I will push myself.. I will just do it.. of cos, during the process I will be a complain queen, very drama and need a lot of avenue to vent.. not exactly a nice picture, but I will grit my teeth and push myself to the limit.. I wonder why am I such a person.. was I born like that? perhaps being born as a tigress make me a very stubborn person?

But despite my abilities to follow through tasks, I lack confidence.. I often think myself as lacking.. I don't think I'm NOT good, rather, not AS good.. subtle different.. why is that so? I'm talented in many ways and yet always feel lousy of myself.. I like to "blame" on years of putting down when growing up.. my parents acted humble by telling relatives I didn't do well, despite doing not bad.. But, I'm so old adult already, shouldn't I outgrow this inferiority-complex?

so, how about you? are you a motivated person by nature? if not, what/how would motivate you to be a better person? How should I motivate Ken?

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Happy New Year 2011..

This year has been a great year for me.. for which I'm really thankful and feel deeply my good fortune for this year..

If you had noticed, I spent a great deal of my 2010 worrying for my Ken.. when he started P1 in Jan-2010, he sometimes could add 5+3, sometimes couldn't.. I was working late most of the time in the early part of 2010.. arriving home earliest at 9pm.. It was near impossible to guide Ken.. Hence, I was very fortunate to be able to get my current work.. I've switched career.. enabling me to go home on time.. I still have to work late at times.. BUT, I am able to do my work AFTER the kids are asleep.. and even that, it's not as frequent as my previous job.. and with this more work life balance job, I'm able to assign assessment work to Ken, able to mark and do corrections together.. and able to attend Soka meetings more freely as well.. As a result, Ken did well at the end of his P1.. scoring 98% for Maths, 94% for Chinese and 89% for English.. Marks aside, it is seeing his improvement that makes me so proud of myself.. heh.. considering he just attended Chinese Enrichment classes as I can barely recognise his P1 Chinese words, I think we (him, EM and I) did well together :)

Lest you readers think I neglected my Wenn, rest assured that I did not.. I have been teaching him Phonics and Sight Words.. he is just like a very absorbent sponge and learns very quickly.. However, he's so unlike Ken.. Wenn will get "bored" easily and no rewards can tempt him.. he wants to learn/do, he will.. if he doesn't want, no coaxing will work on him.. and he recognizes some of Ken's P1 Chinese words.. Wenn is also able to swim the breadth of the swimming pool.. however, we have been taking a break for almost a mth.. I do hope he still remembers..

Looking back at my 2010 resolution to "Stay Calm and Level-Headed", I think I did somewhat accomplish that, largely helped by my career switch (which thankfully, I did not suffer much pay cut).. so, bringing me to think of what should I accomplish in 2011..

In 2011, I wish for personal growth,

  1. I wish to develop my competency at work,
  2. develop my patience with my family members and all people whom I interact with..
  3. more wisdom to guide Ken and Wenn not only in academic but also in life..
  4. also to grow in faith, I wish to be more active in Soka activities and thus to deepen and strengthen my faith in Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism..
In 2011, I also wish to have a sense of deep gratitude in life instead of always like to complain.. people who know me will know I'm such a Complaint Queen.. I'm always complaining about EM to his face, complaining abt my life, this and that.. I wish to cut on that and to develop an appreciation of my life..

And once again, one year from now, i will re-visit this post of mine and witness how much I've accomplish.. Lastly, here's wishing all my dear readers.. "May 2011 be a year of personal growth and gratitude."

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balik kampung..

ahh.. finally a break from work.. bliss.. not to say I'm dreading my current work.. on the contrary, I'm so happy with where I am now..

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12m above ground..


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