while my helper went on home leave for 14 days..

I thought I could finish my 118 episode korean drama DVDs which I had bought for some time.. guess what? I only managed to watch 10 episodes.. despite me doing the bare minimum of household chores - sweep floor daily, boil water daily, water my plants daily, mopping floor every other day, do laundry, ironing, ferrying the kids to and fro from school, I'm still unable to complete my DVD.

The first day my helper was not around was the worst. We woke up at 7:04am!! We need 10-15min travelling time. The kids arrived with only 2 (TWO) minutes to spare. But after the day 1 mishap, the rest of the mornings were uneventful.. Thanks to my dear EM. I can't wake up to any alarm. So, EM held the fort for the morning rush :D

However, I managed to set up blogs for Ken and Wenn. Just for the fun of it :) For now I'm posting for them.. Hopefully, one day, they are able to "take over".

I also managed to organise our photos taken.. we have 203 GB of photos and videos.. but I organised 72.2 GB of them into another drive.. and of course backed them up.. and EM will run a nightly scheduled jobs to back up the back ups ^.^!!

That's about it.. going back to work tomorrow.. life back to normal I guess..


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motivation.. how to motivate a student

Attended a training on motivation today.. makes me think, how effective can I be to motivate someone? E.g. with Ken.. I'm using a reward system with him.. extrinsic motivation.. he gets a sticker if he completes his assigned assessment homework with no mistakes..every 10stickers, he can get to choose a toy.. although I can see results, I'm not exactly happy with this system.. I wonder, have I chosen a lazy way? There must be better way to motivate him?

I also questioned myself, "am I a motivated person?".. I would think so.. when challenged, I will always want to prove myself.. and I'm the type who can take hardships.. I will push myself.. I will just do it.. of cos, during the process I will be a complain queen, very drama and need a lot of avenue to vent.. not exactly a nice picture, but I will grit my teeth and push myself to the limit.. I wonder why am I such a person.. was I born like that? perhaps being born as a tigress make me a very stubborn person?

But despite my abilities to follow through tasks, I lack confidence.. I often think myself as lacking.. I don't think I'm NOT good, rather, not AS good.. subtle different.. why is that so? I'm talented in many ways and yet always feel lousy of myself.. I like to "blame" on years of putting down when growing up.. my parents acted humble by telling relatives I didn't do well, despite doing not bad.. But, I'm so old adult already, shouldn't I outgrow this inferiority-complex?

so, how about you? are you a motivated person by nature? if not, what/how would motivate you to be a better person? How should I motivate Ken?

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balik kampung..

ahh.. finally a break from work.. bliss.. not to say I'm dreading my current work.. on the contrary, I'm so happy with where I am now..

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12m above ground..


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Farewell email to colleague.. again..

Dear team mates,

It is my last day after a meaningful and rather fulfilling 2 years with < S co >.

I sincerely thank each of you for your generosity in teaching me about < .. >, < .. > and other applications that you all are handling.

All of you had been a patient teacher. In return, I do hope that I too had share some of my knowledge with you.

I'm leaving for a career change. Over my working years, I realised, I am happiest when I get to share my knowledge. Thus, I am switching to education field. The thought of no longer going through the SDLC do make me feel a little apprehensive. Afterall, these are what I've been doing for the past decade. Nevertheless, I will be positively looking forward to this new position that brings forth new challenges.

I will always remember the camaraderie of our IS team. I wish you all the very best in the future. Feel free to email me at < some email add >.

my past employment history..

Apr 1999 - Feb 2001
Mar 2001 - Jul 2005
Sep 2005 - Oct 2006
Oct 2006 - Jun 2008
Jun 2008 - Jun 2010

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