all time favorite korean drama actors..

my favorite, that is.. in order of preference.. :P~

Kim Rae Won - first seen him in Love in Harvard/Harvard's Love Story.. then, in Gourmet
Gourmet - Kim Rae Won
Cha Seung Won - first seen him in City Hall.. then, as Dokko Jin in The Greatest Love
The Greatest Love- Cha Seung Won
Jang Hyuk - first seen him in Thank You.. prepare lotsa tissue, ok.. then Slave Hunter
Thank You - Jang Hyuk
Hyun Bin - seen him in the epic My Name is Kim Sam Soon.. then Secret Garden
Secret Garden - Hyun Bin
Lee Byung-Heon - All In, GI-Joe
All In - Lee Byung Heon
Kim Jae Won - Can you Hear My Heart?
Can You Hear My Heart - Kim Jae Won
Lee Min Ho - Personal Taste, City Hunter
City Hunter - Lee Min Ho

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Korean Drama: City Hunter Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Hot.. agree? I refuse to find out how old young old he is.. but *swoon*

City Hunter Lee Min Ho
City Hunter Lee Min Ho
City Hunter Lee Min Ho
City Hunter Lee Min Ho
City Hunter Lee Min Ho
City Hunter Lee Min Ho
City Hunter Lee Min Ho
City Hunter Lee Min Ho
City Hunter Lee Min Ho

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Korean Drama: Lie To Me, Greatest Love, Romance Town, Can You Hear My Heart?

This month of May is really a somewhat "summer k-drama".. so many interesting ones.. I'm starting to get confused among the characters.. tell me, how can the koreans keep churning out story lines merely on the concept of 2 main leads, 2 second leads?

Mon-Tue: Lie To Me
Wed-Thu: Greatest Love (or known as Best Love) by Hong Sisters and Romance Town
Sat-Sun: Can You Hear My Heart? (every episode shed tears, real melodrama, the type I like)

Thank goodness school holidays is coming.. can't wait

 Lie To Me, Greatest Love, Romance Town, Can You Hear My Heart?

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Lost in A.N.JELL.. You're Beautiful..

You're Beautiful A.N.jell
You're Beautiful A.N.jell
You're Beautiful A.N.jell
You're Beautiful A.N.jell
You're Beautiful A.N.jell
And, my absolute favorite..Shin Woo!!!
You're Beautiful A.N.jell

ANJell - Promise.mp3

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Korean Drama: Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007) by Lee Joon-gi Episode Guide or Synopsis

I went Blue Max (a mistake, heh) yesterday.. and can't resist buying this korean drama set -Time Between Dog and Wolf.. as usual, i need to get episode guide.. cis, i'm such a spoiler type of person.. heh..

Episode 1
Soo-hyun’s (actor Lee Joon-ki) mother Gyeong-hwa (actress Kim Jung-nan) is a government prosecutor in Thailand and investigating the Triad. Ji-woo’s (actress Nam Sang-mi) father is Mao (actor Choi Jae-sung), a Triad hitman, and her mother Ji-sook (actress Hong Chung-min) is planning to leave him. Young-kil (actor Jung Sang-mo), a low-ranking Triad member, carries on an affair with Ji-sook and he is like a father figure to Ji-woo. Gyeong-hwa proposes a dangerous deal to Young-kil, offering him a safe return to Korea...

Episode 2
Jung-ho (actor Lee Ki-young) introduces Soo-hyun (actor Lee Min-gi) to his young son Min-ki (actor Jung Se-in) and tells him that Soo-hyun will live with them from now on. Min-ki tries to be friends with Soo-hyun but Soo-hyun grieves his mother’s death. When Soo-hyun and Min-ki get in a fight at school, they are punished together by Jung-ho, and this brings them closer as friends.

While NIS agent Soo-hyun (actor Lee Joon-gi) scans the airport for any suspicious people, he spots a shady figure and starts chasing him. While leisurely sipping a cup of coffee at a cafe, Min-ki (actor Chong Kyung-ho) suddenly gets up from his chair. Min-ki asks Ji-woo (actress Nam Sang-mi) if she dropped a magazine by accident and asks her out for dinner. After Soo-hyun and a group of agents finish their training successfully, the are approached by Min-ki who is running towards them. As Ji-woo gets off work she is happy to see Young-kil (actor Jung Sung-mo) waiting for her and gets into his car. Soo-hyun is assigned to the Foreign Intelligence division while Min-ki is assigned to the intelligence analysis division. After gathering information about Ji-woo, Min-ki heads to an exhibition with Soo- hyun...

Episode 3
Ji-woo (actress Nam Sang-mi) presents a painting as a gift to Soo-hyun (actor Lee Joon-gi) and Min-ki (actor Chung Kyung-ho), telling them to hang it in their office. Soo-hyun excuses himself, saying he has to attend a meeting. Min-ki hands the painting to Soo-hyun and tells him that it’s obvious that Ji-woo likes Soo-hyun.

Young-kil (actor Jung Sung-mo) sees Mao (actor Choi Jae-sung) and freezes in his steps. Young-kil tells Mao that Hye-sun died. When Mao hears Ji-woo’s voice, he gets teary-eyed and stares at Ji-woo as she walks away.

Soo-hyun tells Ji-woo that he’s sorry he doesn’t believe he can be in a serious relationship with her, thanks her for the dinner and then leaves.

At a bar, Seung-joo (actress Jung Gyeong-soon) directs a sting operation with his Foreign Intelligence Team. Mao proposes a lucrative deal to Chairman Chun (actor Jung Ho-bin) and requests his cooperation.

Soo-hyun enters the bar disguised as a waiter and after planting a bug in the room, he is shocked to see the tattoo on Mao’s arm. Leaning on the wall as Soo-hyun remembers the day when Mao killed his mother, he follows Mao with a gun hidden beneath his jacket...

Episode 4
Soo-hyun (actor Lee Joon-gi) arrives in Bangkok and leaves the airport by taxi. Following Soo-hyun to Bangkok, Ji-woo (Nam Sang-mi) approaches Soo-hyun. Soo-hyun tells Ahwan (actor Park Hyo-joon) that he is searching for a club that is run by the Triad and gets on his scooter. Ji-woo asks Soo-hyun what is going on. After a moment of hesitation, Soo-hyun tells her that he came to meet someone. Soo- hyun and Ji-woo spend a nice time together at the beach and go to the old neighborhood they used to live at in Thailand.

Episode 5
Soo-hyun returns from Thailand and talks about his father with Jung-ho. Jung-ho tries to comfort Soo-hyun’s sadness. Director Jung tells Soo-hyun that he will be reinstated as a NIS agent if he completes his mission to infiltrate the Triad gang. Ji- woo gives Soo-hyun a piece of wood and asks him to carve a pretty doll out of it. Soo-hyun hugs Ji-woo passionately. Ji-woo is overcome with grief when she learns about Soo-hyun’s death. Min-ki holds in his tears upon learning about Soo- hyun’s sad fate.

2 years later, Ji-woo is at a cafe on an arranged date with a man and Min-ki appears and takes her away. When Min-ki mentions Soo-hyun, he detects Ji-woo’s sad reaction. At a Muay Thai ring in Thailand... Soo-hyun kicks his opponent and wins the bout. Ahwa is overjoyed at his win. Min-ki is assigned to the foreign intelligence division and recommends Mr. Byun to handle a big foreign assignment.

Episode 6
Young-kil goes to a tennis meet with Ji-woo and introduces Ji-woo to President Cheon. Sang-shik takes a liking to Ji-woo. Mao is invited to a Muay Thai fight by Tony so Kay decides to fight that day when he hears that Triad bosses will be coming to see the fight. At the match, a hitman draws a gun and shoots Mao but Kay gets in front of the hitman and takes him down.

Min-ki is dismayed to see that Ji-woo is still wearing Soo-hyun’s watch but he doesn’t show it. Kay arrives in Korea and reports the activities of Mao to Jung-ho. While waiting inside his car, he sees Ji-woo walking out of the building where she works and his heart aches.

Episode 7
Min-ki meets Ji-woo before he heads to Thailand, and is pleasantly surprised to see Ji-woo wearing the watch he gave to her as a present. Ji-woo smiles at him shyly. At the BS Enterprise anniversary ceremony... Director Moon approaches Mao with a concerned look and Kay follows their movements. Kay sees Ji-woo and Min- ki walking together like a couple and is shocked...

Kay talks with Mao while hiding his gun under his suit and freezes when he sees an old photo of Ji-woo when she was a young girl. Mao asks Kay to protect Ji-woo. Ji-woo visits Incheon port and checks the unloading of important art pieces. Kay looks at her from a distance in his car.

Episode 8
Ahwa is happy to see Kay (Soo-hyun) but Kay doesn’t believe his old friends after suffering from memory loss. Ji-woo is confused about the circumstances around her so Min-ki calls her out to cheer her up. Young-kil asks Mao to protect Ji-woo and Mr. Byun arrives at Mao’s building disguised as a construction worker. While at an exhibition, Ji-woo sees someone who looks uncannily like Soo-hyun and follows him.

Director Jung seeks out Mr. Byun and tells him that he knows he was given orders by Jung-ho to plant bugs in Mao’s office. He tells him to brief him on all the details that he reports to Jung-ho. Ji-woo describes the features of the person who saved her life to the police. Kay calls Mao and tells him to come to a location that Sang- shik gave coordinates to him.

Episode 9
While listening to the secretly taped conversations sent to him by Mr. Byun, Jung-ho is surprised when he sees a photo of Ji-woo. He finally realizes how Ji-woo, Young-kil, and Mao are related. Kay (agent Soo-hyun) takes a present for Ji-woo with him to Thailand. When Ji-woo sees Kay, she drops the cup she is holding. Mr. Byun calls up Jung-ho and tells him about Kay, who looks just like Soo-hyun. Jung- ho requests the location where he can find Kay.

While accompanying Shaoming to a shopping trip at a department store, he spots Jung-ho tailing him and runs away with Shaoming. Jung-ho reports back to Director Jung that it seems that Soo-hyun suffered some kind of memory loss from a previous mission and thus, Soo-hyun should be pulled out of the mission. Ji-woo meets with Min-ki’s parents and during their meeting, Jung-ho asks Ji-woo to have a private talk with her.

Episode 10
Ji-woo comforts Min-ki who is standing by his father’s coffin all by himself. Min-ki tells Ji-woo that a person who looked like Soo-hyun killed his father. Mao asks Director Jung to release Kay (agent Soo-hyun) but the director tells him he needs more time to thoroughly investigate him. Seung-joo is stumped as he compares Soo- hyun’s files with Kay’s files. In the interrogation room, Seung-joo overhears the conversation that Director Jung is having with Kay.

Episode 11
Kay (agent Soo-hyun) gives Ji-woo a scarf and passes by Min-ki, who is glaring at him. Min-ki warns Ji-woo to never meet Kay again but Ji-woo tells him they have a strictly professional relationship. Min-ki looks at Ji-woo with disapproval and asks her if she is excited at meeting someone who resembles Soo-hyun. Min-ki asks Myung-jae to help him on a mission without telling the agency about it. He then goes to Mr. Byun’s secret hideout.

While taking a walk with Kay, Ji-woo tells him that he looks like somebody she knew. After learning that Ji-woo is the daughter of Mao, Min-ki seeks Ji-woo. Ji- woo is surprised that Min-ki learned that piece of information about her and asks him who his sources are. Ji-woo asks Min-ki if would quit his job at the NSA for her sake but Min-ki does not answer the question.

Episode 12
Kay is filled with conflicting emotions as he reads Lee Soo-hyun’s file. When Director Jung suddenly hangs up on him, Kay (agent Soo-hyun) gets frustrated and throws the phone across the room. He leaves the building in a confused state. When Ji-woo notices that an elephant statue is missing among the imported items, she goes to have a talk with Kay. Kay is shocked when he hears from Ji-woo that he looks like a man called Soo-hyun.

With hesitation, Kay tells Mao that NSA agents recently contacted him. At Mao’s mansion, Ji-woo asks Kay if she can see the elephant statue. While Kay is not in the room, she takes a photo of it. Kay asks Mr. Byun to find out what he can about Soo-hyun.

Episode 13
When Soo-hyun meets Mr. Byun, he gets angry that he abandoned him when he needed him the most. Mr. Byun apologizes for what he did. When Ji-woo gives a statement that she saw the eyes of the killer, Min-ki stops typing and looks up at her. An NSA agent intercepts Soo-hyun at the airport and takes him to a secret room where Director Jung is waiting. This upsets Soo-hyun.

Soo-hyun seeks out Mao and tells him he’ll pay the consequences for failing his mission. But Mao abruptly suggests that Soo-hyun go with him to Thailand. Ji-woo dials Soo-hyun’s number with a worried look on her face. After returning from Thailand, Soo-hyun tells Director Jung that he killed Triad boss Jang.

Episode 14
As Min-ki looks at Soo-hyun with suspicion, Soo-hyun tells Sang-shik that he’ll take care of Min-ki and takes him outside. Soo-hyun informs Director Jung that Min- ki is in a safe house but since the Triad believes that Soo-hyun executed Min-ki, they have a problem on their hands. Ji-woo is surprised to see Soo-hyun with Mao and tells Soo-hyun that she knows his identity and is willing to help him.

After gaining his consciousness, Min-ki asks Mr. Byun what happened to him. He is told that Soo-hyun is Kay. When he discovers that he is being followed, Soo-hyun reports back to Director Jung, telling him that he thinks there’s a double-spy within the NSA. Director Jung informs the agents that the Triad is planning to make a big drug deal soon and as the agents confer amongst themselves, Director Jung and Min-ki stare at each other with steely gazes.

Episode 15
With Min-ki’s help, Soo-hyun and Ji-woo are able to escape from a dangerous situation. The two of them look at each other with fear and emotion. Director Moon tells Mao that Soo-hyun and Ji-woo were in the warehouse together but somehow Sang-shik botched the plan. Ji-woo treats Soo-hyun’s wounds by wiping away the blood. Amid this intense situation, Ji-woo’s cell phone rings. It is Mao. He apologizes to Soo-hyun for being suspicious of him.

Mao receives a false report that the NSA has found nothing significant of the Triad’s activities. So Mao contacts Director Moon and tells him to restart the operation. People arrive at the auction event organized by BS Enterprise. While escorting Mao, Soo-hyun locks eyes with Director Jung.

Episode 16
While heading to Mao’s mansion, Ji-woo nervously looks at Soo-hyun. Seung-joo reports the death of Mr. Byun to Director Jung and the director slowly walks away. Soo-hyun tells Ji-woo that the situation is getting dangerous for her so she needs to go back to Korea but he will remain to take care of some unfinished business.

After hearing about the existence of secret Macao bank account from Director Moon, Director Jung orders Min-ki to persuade Soo-hyun to find out the access code to the secret account. After obtaining the secret access code to the bank account, Soo-hyun goes to Ji-woo who is sleeping, wakes her up, and asks her if she’ll run away with him.

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