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Bonus Points computation for O-Level net aggregate...

in Biow's world.. education | Wednesday March 11, 2015 | By biow

Extra info for your consideration to choose your kid's secondary school. For students from feeder school if they choose their affliated JC as first choice and/or second choice, a bonus of 2 points. That's a lot for O-level's aggregate, unlike PSLE T-score....

PSLE - Please Show Love and Encouragement

in Biow's world.. mr_earnest | dino keno | Thursday March 05, 2015 | By biow

Finally, the dreaded exam for my eldest son. I gotta live by this motto

2014 PSLE cutoff points to 2015 Secondary 1

in Biow's world.. cut-off_psle cut-off | education | Tuesday March 03, 2015 | By biow

Sorted by the lower cut-off to Express. astericks (*): indicates that the secondary schools has an affliation to primary school - which means lower cut-off. Affiliated JC: are JC which affliate to the secondary school for O-level track. Integrated...

Happy CNY 2015..

in Biow's world.. cny family | tete-a-tete | Thursday February 19, 2015 | By biow

Here's wishing all readers, "Happy Chinese New Year".. See also: Happy CNY 2012.. Happy CNY 2010.. Happy CNY 2009.. Happy CNY 2008.. CNY 2006..

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